getting known for what we do rather than what we are


The morning after Trump became president of the USA, I did this little picture as a response (Britain already being a more openly racist place since the Brexit referendum).

It went viral somewhat. Look, t shirts even!

A friend commented “I knew you before you were famous for the third time!”

Stretching the meaning of ‘famous’ ever so slightly, of course. But still…

…the first time when I fought P&O and won.

The second when Richard did that there book.

This time is just about a picture I did, and being Teh Tranz had nothing to do with it.

Which is good, and though a small thing, one worth blowing one of those party streamer kazoo things for, at least once. *THHHRRRRRPPP*

Sorry about the humblebrag. At least I hope it was humble.

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