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time out

It’s a bit of a messy time of the year, the bits between Solstice, Christmas and the New Year. The fridge is full of opportunistically-bought reduced-price stuff, including a large piece of steak that I thought “well, it’s a shame … Continue reading

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solid gone Gonk

Young K has been dyeing her hair and cultivating a fringe. We rarely manage to establish eye contact these days. “You look like a Gonk,” I said. ” What’s a Gonk?” Sometimes, I feel very old. I felt even older … Continue reading

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silent Christmas

  Christmas is hard to ignore, as I realised long ago when I tried to ignore it and ended up depressed. And it can be quite a lonely time, if you let it. I was determined not to let it. … Continue reading

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into gear for the Solstice

here’s one I prepared earlier I was up on the roof bright and early to see what I could see of the lunar eclipse. Zilch. There was a faint glow behind the clouds where the full moon was. The robins … Continue reading

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hardy her hair

Shout Out on BCfm were featuring ‘coming out’ stories this week, so I sent something in, and, since it involves haircuts (or fear of involuntary haircuts) and my friend Jenny has been talking about hair-related stuff over on her blog, … Continue reading

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The car exhaust started making a wheezy noise the other day. A few miles later (I’ve been bimbling around Bristol getting stuff for picture framing) it started sounding a bit like a doodlebug. You can hear what a doodlebug sounds … Continue reading

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Shout Out

…is the LGBT slot on BCfm, the community radio station in Bristol. I was down there on Thursday evening, talking with Jayne Chard about Becoming Drusilla and other stuff. Which included me miming an egret. Funny how these things work … Continue reading

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