Dru Marland

That’s me up there in the picture, the one on the left looking windswept, with the bottle of Rioja sticking out of her rucksack. I draw pictures, and sometimes they get into books. I keep having to stop and fix my Morris Traveller. Oh, and I transitioned back in 2002, and had all sorts of adventures in consequence, as you do.  My old blog, with 30 months or so of occasionally quite good writing, is over at Upside Down In Cloud

1 Response to Dru Marland

  1. Mike Young says:

    I just discovered you today but I’ve been admiring one of your maps for awhile now which has inspired me a bit with my own pursuits. Just wanted to say hello from the US and say we are not all like what shows up on the internet and news. I am a fan of England (lived there back in the ’70’s) and morris minors (owned one back then). I read most of your blog that ended back in 2018 and love your art and your skill with words. And narrowboats have consumed my thoughts and while I will never get to experience one I do love them greatly. I just wanted to say you make this world worthwhile. Thank you.

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