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The Case Of The Curious Crow

  There was excitement and hilarity at the Downs Cafe yesterday morning, where we were poring over the West Country Life section of the Western Daily Press. They’ve devoted a whole page to The Case Of The Curious Crow, the … Continue reading

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roman à clef

About suffering they were never wrong, The Old Masters; how well, they understood Its human position; how it takes place While someone else is eating or opening a window or just walking dully along I keep missing exciting and historic … Continue reading

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procrastination and the art of car maintenance

There are two ways of keeping an old car running*. One is by adhering to a regime of thorough and regular routine maintenance. The other is based on the school of engineering thought which says ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t … Continue reading

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the plains of Blogistan

  It does take it out of you, posing as an aspiring illustrator and occasional bicycle mechanic, while you’re actually engaged in a ruthless Conspiracy To Overthrow Western Civilisation. And it’s not made any easier by the lack of cohesion … Continue reading

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Big Trouble in Pronoun China

To writers and editors, a style-sheet sets the rules. All the major publishing houses and newspapers have their own, and these style-sheets offer absolute truths about whether to capitalise the west country, or use italics for HMS Dreadnought. None of … Continue reading

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Charing Cross, and Millbank

Stuart Lorimer, one of the shrinks at the Gender Identity Clinic at Charing Cross, has come up with a useful list of misconceptions about GICs. So I’ve posted it here, in the Trans Resources area. Because it is striking how … Continue reading

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feeding the seagulls

This weekend, I got to meet someone who once played me. If you see what I mean. It happened a year ago, when Richard and I were due to do a reading in Birmingham Library Theatre. Except that I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Respect! (Obeisant, 8)

You just never know what the cornflakes will bring. Transsexual Scrabble player crowned as British national champion says the Guardian this morning: ‘Transsexual Mikki Nicholson, who only began playing Scrabble five years ago, beats opponent Mark Nyman to take British … Continue reading

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