hot off the press


Richard’s new book, The Day That Went Missing, was finally published last month. It is a good and intense read:

0n a family summer holiday in Cornwall in 1978, Nicholas and his brother Richard are jumping in the waves. Suddenly, Nicholas is out of his depth. He isn’t, and then he is. He drowns.

Richard and his other brothers don’t attend the funeral, and incredibly the family return immediately to the same cottage – to complete the holiday, to carry on. They soon stop speaking of the catastrophe. Their epic act of collective denial writes Nicky out of the family memory.

Nearly forty years later, Richard Beard is haunted by the missing grief of his childhood, and sets out on a pain-staking investigation to rebuild Nicky’s life, and ultimately to recreate the precise events on the day of the accident. Who was Nicky? Why did the family react as they did? And what actually happened?

But rather than my clumsy review of it, you can see some good ones over on his site, here  

…to coincide with its publication, Becoming Drusilla has been reissued. Which is of course a Good Thing. I think the publishers might have thought it was a bit before its time, and that its time is now. We shall see.

I’ve been adding my secret online diary entries to the page you can find in the menu bar up at the top of this page, under ‘The Seafaring Diaries’. Yesterday I added the ones for 2005 and for 2006, a year which had my Employment Tribunal and some surgery, and a lot of things turned out to be more complicated and stressful than I might have hoped. It was a bit of a jolt re-reading those entries; it was a different world, even 12 years ago, and a very lonely one. After an equalities do at Bristol Council House, I wrote:

As transsexual, I still feel invisible and unrepresented. I can’t believe there aren’t plenty of people in a similar situation in Bristol; there’s just no organisation for them. Do they -do I -want one, though? The whole point of successful transition is to live in the desired gender role, not to become, as it were, a Professional Tranny…


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