the seafaring diaries

These were what I wrote in e-mails, describing the time when I was working as a repairperson on P&O’s Pride of Bilbao, and what happened subsequently.

(work in progress. I started pasting these in today, March 3rd. So there’s more on the way)

1 Response to the seafaring diaries

  1. Jo Stanley says:

    Dear Dru, thank you so much for uploading these diaries. It must have taken you ages. And it’s worth it. You’ve told the most important story in the maritime history of trans people. I know because I’ve been researching it. And for a year I’ve been wondering about your seafaring times. Now you’ve shared that story – and so interestingly. Thank you.
    Jo Stanley.
    PS I’m going to try to get in touch via Facebook.

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