About us

In 2008 we published a book called Becoming Drusilla, words by Richard and pictures by Dru, which everyone seemed to like.  The book is the story of our friendship, and how we both lived Dru’s transition after she decided on gender reassignment.  An important part of what we learned, and this is strongly featured in the book, is that the transgender story, for the sake of a recognisable narrative, is often misrepresented. Certainly Dru’s experience doesn’t conform to standard ideas of ‘before’ and ‘after’.  That’s why we’ve made Being Drusilla, because the operation isn’t the end of the story. We still do stuff, sometimes together, sometimes separately.  Sometimes we think about transgender issues, and sometimes we don’t. We’re still friends. Becoming Drusilla, so we hear, is now a valuable resource for anyone unexpectedly involved in a transgender story. We hope Being Drusilla is equally welcoming, but in a clickable way. Life goes on. Hurray.