tilting at windmills

Dr Nodfem

My previous post was inspired by concern over a proposed amendment to the Bristol Labour Party’s Motion on Women’s Representation, to remove self-definition and self-declaration from the qualifying conditions for being a woman in the eyes of the Party. As it turned out, the amendment was rejected by something like two to one; but that is still a worryingly high figure for supporters of it.

I can understand that women should be concerned about self-identification, because I’ve looked at some of the web pages devoted to scaremongering about it. If they were true, they would indeed give you something truly to worry about. They are quite well put together so that they look all official and authoritative, though of course in reality, and demonstrably,  any potty little bunch of bigots can put together a website like that. They’re also mischievous in their use of suffragette iconography to add an air of legitimacy to what they’re alleging; in reality, they’re about as feminist as the National Socialists were socialist. Not ruddy much. Think, more, handmaids of the alt-right.

And of course the right-wing national papers have been running trans-hostile pieces fairly consistently; it seems like every day there’s another.

I wrote about self-identification, and what it actually means, and how it applies to me, and indeed any woman, here. And here’s a very good piece by Rosie Swayne, a cis lesbian, on the present mess.

I know we can all get a bit tribal, and tend to look for confirmation of our beliefs among people who think just like we do… hence the very small uptake on my previous post, no doubt. But if you’re concerned about trans women (its always trans women – nobody ever seems to mention the trans men) invading and colonising women’s spaces, surely it would be helpful actually to study what trans people are, rather than applying a rather simple ideological model of gender to the case and assume that we’re massively deluded or predatory males? -it is a bit insulting, tbh, and doesn’t show you up in a good light either. There is information available! Check the ‘further reading’ section here, or just ask!

Still, looking on the bright side, as the anti-trans campaign gets more coverage it exposes itself to closer scrutiny. The last couple of weeks have seen ‘Man Friday’ stunts, where cis women have entered male spaces claiming that they self-identify as male; last Friday’s actions resulted in photos being put up online of people in changing rooms, just to show that it can be done. This follows similar activity in the USA, of course… where inappropriate behaviour doesn’t exist, just go and and do it yourself in hopes of discrediting your enemies…

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2 Responses to tilting at windmills

  1. All this goes to show is how ignorance breeds ignorance, people with small and empty minds should do all of us a favour, that favour is to go extinct, evolution is happening all around us, pity it is not happening in those people who fear all change.

    • Dru says:

      A bit hard, Philippakristiana! My friend who was there knows some of these women and they go back a long way with their activism… just that they haven’t really engaged with the trans experience and presumably are insufficiently critical of the anti-trans propaganda… I’d like to think there was some possibility of dialogue. The dyed in the wool TERFs, on the other hand, they can do one 🙂

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