The Case Of The Curious Crow



There was excitement and hilarity at the Downs Cafe yesterday morning, where we were poring over the West Country Life section of the Western Daily Press. They’ve devoted a whole page to The Case Of The Curious Crow, the new book that Geraldine wrote and I drew the pictures for. It’s out now!

Geraldine is wild about birds

The colours in the newspaper print were a bit vivid, so it looks like I’ve got radioactive hair, but hey. I can live with that.

the book!

The book is a collection of Geraldine’s close observations on the life of birds and other wildlife around our bit of Bristol.

“My Bristol bird stories are true and extraordinary. So if all these adventures happen in my small territory, goodness knows what else is going on in the wider bird world!

The tale which gives her latest book its title is based around her observations of a young crow, seemingly acting the fool on the branch of a linden tree.

“Crows,” she writes, “are masters of surveillance, absorbing everything aroiund them in the search for something to their advantage.”

We’re getting ready for a launch event at Bristol Zoo on Tuesday 7th December. Geraldine will be telling stories, I shall be doing a thing about pictures, and I’m pretty sure that Nick Winn will be doing crow impressions too. And Keith is doing a slideshow. And all sorts of stuff.

If you would like a copy of the book, you can get it online here, on ebay, or by post from

Geraldine Taylor
Eyeon Books
Berkeley Rd
Westbury Park

(please include a cheque for £5 (this amount includes postage) payable to Geraldine Taylor)


pictures from the book


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5 Responses to The Case Of The Curious Crow

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  2. anjiknut says:

    I recommend it. I’ve been listening and watching more intently since reading it.

  3. Suzzy says:

    Good luck with the book, Dru and Geraldine.

    I was queuing in a bus shelter the other day, and a lone crow was patrolling the roof, periodically leaning out to get a view of each person in the queue – checking us out to see if anyone had pickings of any sort to offer. I noticed that the tip of its upper bill was very slightly hooked, and thought with a little shudder what a well-wrought tool that is.

  4. Jane Wharam says:

    Haven’t been to Bristol Zoo since I was at school – remember the shcool trips? I really hope that it goes well, Dru.

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