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International Women’s Day with James Bond

I don’t know what to make of the video Equals, released today for International Women’s Day. The two-minute short has Daniel Craig in a dress to publicise gender inequalities that continue to exist around the world. I understand the publicity … Continue reading

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Madness, I tells ya!

This is a photo of a crowd, in place of the photos we didn’t manage to take at Bristol Central Library on Friday night. Normally, Dru would have expected to snap some Martin Parr-style pics, but we were swept off … Continue reading

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Before and After. Don’t Ask.

Next week (or yesterday, or last week, or lost in time, depending on when you read this) there will be an article in Bristol’s excellent Venue magazine about our Being Drusilla blog. This is a good thing, as one of … Continue reading

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Just Teasing!

Banter. It’s an interesting word, because as Dru was saying, it sounds fun but there can be a stone inside the snowball, a spider in the cup. However, this shouldn’t mean a ban on days of snowballing and wine. Banter can … Continue reading

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Big Trouble in Pronoun China

To writers and editors, a style-sheet sets the rules. All the major publishing houses and newspapers have their own, and these style-sheets offer absolute truths about whether to capitalise the west country, or use italics for HMS Dreadnought. None of … Continue reading

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Respect! (Obeisant, 8)

You just never know what the cornflakes will bring. Transsexual Scrabble player crowned as British national champion says the Guardian this morning: ‘Transsexual Mikki Nicholson, who only began playing Scrabble five years ago, beats opponent Mark Nyman to take British … Continue reading

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Lost Walker in Travel Hopefully Shock

A rambler lost over the weekend in the Cairngorms is now safe in The Buttery B & B near Inverness. ‘I’ve changed my mind about arriving,’ said Dougal Cameron (19). ‘It’s a better state of being than I was led … Continue reading

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