the versatile Peter Kay changes race: a song, a dance, a merry quip

It’s been an interesting week in television land. Brian True-May, who is the producer for a show called The Midsomer Murders,  got into trouble for describing the fictional location of the show as the “last bastion of Englishness …we just don’t have ethnic minorities involved. Because it wouldn’t be the English village with them. It just wouldn’t work. Suddenly we might be in Slough.”

No such narrow-mindedness over on Loose Women, though, where they welcomed their first transsexual woman as a guest. The transsexual woman in question being Peter Kay, a self-identified comedian, in his alter ego of Geraldine McQueen. Obviously, after Channel 4’s historic signing-up to the MoU last week, the transsexual community is thrilled at this evidence of assimilation into the mainstream.

Basking in the glow of goodwill generated, we’ve come up with an elegant remedy for the apparent parochialism of Midsomer. It will introduce its first ethnic minority character. And that character will be Peter Kay, as a negro minstrel.

It will be a grand arrival; Peter will come chugging along the Midsomer Union Canal in his showboat, and entertain the masses with his banjo magic and jolly songs. And then presumably die horribly, to be found washed up in a stagnant backwater. Or possibly become a detective in Midsomer, which may well amount to the same thing.


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9 Responses to showboat

  1. Liz says:

    LOL! We had no idea Midsummer was still on until all this fuss started. Nettles must be the oldest cop in Britain at 67 years old.

    Good idea for Peter Kay, especially if you can cast Lucas & Walliams in the chorus line. You might have an ally in the PK campaign, I can’t imagine Adele likes it too much either. I actually thought it was her for a split second on the One Show. I should pay more attention, I suppose.

  2. Rachel says:

    I managed to avoid all of comic relief including that has been dredging up his tired old crap for ‘charidy’ … apparently they managed to offend those that stammer too. Richard Curtis apologized for that.

    Doubtful he will ever apologize to those transgender people who are just as vulnerable.

  3. Jenny Alto says:

    Come on, there have to be more things our blackface Peter Kay character can do, after all you can never offend too many groups if it’s for charity!

  4. Caroline says:

    Is there any way that the murder can be especially gruesome and painful and acted out for real?

  5. Jenny Alto says:

    There is a completely different sense of the verb ‘to die’ created especially for comedians and actors, and it usually involves tumbleweeds. Wish upon him an eternity of that, far more satisfying than Midsomer gore!

  6. Dru says:

    All these shows are new to me, Liz; I had to go out of my way to watch them on i-player, which just shows my level of devotion to the cause. Or something. Who the hell watches Loose Women? Crikey. And I had to Google Adele, too. Nettles was Bergerac, wasn’t he? -the chaps on the Channel Island ferry had a bunch of Bergerac anecdotes, from the filming which sometimes featured the ship, apparently… that was decades ago, of course. *cough*.
    Good idea to get Walliams and Lucas to join in. Maybe we should get a production company together. I like the idea of sending them off, in blackface drag, on a narrowboat tour of the midlands. This would be television gold, surely.

    Thanks for that link, Rachel. I’d missed that, too.

    I think Jenny has the answer, Caroline. Peter’s career seems to satisfy your criteria quite well already.

  7. Deborah Harvey says:

    Loose Women is ‘entertainment’ for nursing mothers. I preferred Poldark.

  8. Dru says:

    Don’t blame you. I could happily waste an afternoon on Poldark. Or Shoestring.

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