I’m working on a guide for Dundry, a hill to the south of Bristol. I did this pic yesterday, and as it feels quite summery I’m putting it here. At last, spring! -Every morning is like Christmas used to be; that feeling of happiness that something that seemed impossibly distant is finally happening.

The local foxes have been getting rather flirty in the garden;playing boisterous games of Are You There Moriarty, then taking a quick break with the vixen lying legs akimbo under the weeping willow, while the dog fox dashes around pissing on things.

Quite chavvy, foxes. I felt rather voyeuristic, I must say.

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2 Responses to foxy

  1. Charlie says:

    Is this a collaboration, Dru, or a solo project?

    Your picture reminds me of “Thomas the Rhymer’s View from Dundry” – inspired by the three bridges you can see there…

    Don’t you see yon narrow narrow bridge
    So thick beset with thorns and briars?
    That is the road to the Forest of Dean
    Though after it but few enquires.

    Don’t you see yon broad broad bridge,
    That lies across the lily leven?
    That is the road to wicked Cardiff,
    And some do say it crosses the Severn.

    Don’t you see yon bonny bonny bridge,
    That lies across the ferny brae?
    That is the road to fair Bristol
    Where you and I this day must gae.

  2. Dru says:

    Solo, Charlie. I’m doing an interpretation board and a leaflet.

    Great rhyme! Thanks for adding it. I do remember it from your LJ post. On a good day you can see Pen y Fan from up here, too.

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