dropping off the radar again

In my previous post here, I talked about Walliams and Lucas’ new show, Come Fly With Me, in which David Schwimmer appears as an apprehended smuggler of ‘illicit’ ‘tranny porn’.

Last May I wrote about David Walliams and Matt Lucas (two self-identified comedians, best known for a BBC series called Little Britain which relied upon a pool of stock ‘comic’ characters), when they appeared in advertisements for Nationwide Building Society. I was critical about their impact on the public’s perception of transgender people. That blog post became magically invisible to Google for quite some time (I see that it has resurfaced now, though).

Something similar happened to my previous post here on Being Drusilla.  An hour or so after it was published, it was high on the first page of search results for various combinations of key words. Then it dropped completely off the radar. See-

-there’s a reference to the Tweet about the post, but not the post itself. Nor was the post anywhere to be seen on subsequent pages of the search results.

…and then this morning it reappeared, at least if you enter enough of the right key words. Though it is still relatively hard to find; unless you were specifically looking for it, you would be unlikely to find it. Curious business.

Jenny has written amusingly about cow dung and how it impacts upon Walliams and Lucas (as it were)  here; also Claire proposes the Wallyams Scale, something like what Mr Beaufort did for wind of another sort, here.

It is odd. I’ve been blogging here and over at Upside Down In Cloud for three years. I have expressed opinions that have sometimes been critical but never, I trust, offensive, about all sorts of people and institutions. And none of those other posts got nobbled. And of course, it is particularly ironic that the nobbled posts should mention someone who has been proclaimed as a spokesperson for the ‘transsexual community’. A claim which comes as a bit of a surprise to the members of that community.

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3 Responses to dropping off the radar again

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  2. Caroline says:

    C4 now pays the Big Wally to host a show about bad advertising, well with his record who better!

  3. anjiknut says:

    Someone must be working hard to fiddle Google

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