solid gone Gonk

Gone Gonk

Young K has been dyeing her hair and cultivating a fringe. We rarely manage to establish eye contact these days. “You look like a Gonk,” I said.

” What’s a Gonk?”

Sometimes, I feel very old. I felt even older when I Googled Gonks and found that, since the far-off days of the 1960s when my grandma, who was a dab hand with the needle and thread, went into full-scale Gonk production, the name has been appropriated by bogus Gonks.

I figured it was time to reclaim the name. I found a picture of the original patterns that grandma had used, and set to work. And here it is. Young K likes it, apparently. I tried calling her a Beatnik.

“What’s a Beatnik?”


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3 Responses to solid gone Gonk

  1. Delia says:

    I bet Simplicity never even attempted a beatnik pattern: you have only yourself to blame for storing all of these words retrievably. I’ll help you remember some more if you like!

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