hardy her hair

Shout Out on BCfm were featuring ‘coming out’ stories this week, so I sent something in, and, since it involves haircuts (or fear of involuntary haircuts) and my friend Jenny has been talking about hair-related stuff over on her blog, I thought I’d post my contribution here.

Here’s my not-quite-coming-out story…

We were a scratch crew bringing a ferry back from Tasmania, and we were somewhere between Australia and Sri Lanka. I was about to cross the Equator for the first time and I was worried that I might have my hair clipped off; some of the crew had been commenting on its length; everyone else had cropped heads and tattoos.

I had a quiet chat with the bosun. I was very careful; he was a bit volatile, a bit of a racist, among other things, and we were a thousand miles from land. He said, “It’s not like you’re having a sex change or anything…”

“Don’t say anything,” I thought….

Two weeks later, with me and my hair safely back in England, I finally came out. He was entirely unfazed, as it happens. So were the rest of the crew. It was a good summer.


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2 Responses to hardy her hair

  1. Jenny Alto says:

    Thanks for the link!

    Lucky escape, considering the image you posted in your comment on mine.

    I once met a bloke who’d waterski’d across the Equator behind a Royal Navy warship. Our tax pennies spent well! 🙂

  2. nix says:

    Dru, hope you don’t mind that I followed Jenny’s link and added you on Flickr! I like your story, BTW.

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