Mikki does it again

Good news from Johore Bahru in Malaysia, where Mikki Nicholson came second in the Causeway Scrabble Championship. Well, not good news that she didn’t come first, but you know. Panupol Sujjayakorn did that. And it was a good result for Mikki, anyway.

Mikki Nicholson

The flamboyantly-dressed Nicholson had many adoring fans approaching her with their cameras after the competition. The Cumbria, United Kingdom native took home US$15,000 (RM47,215) and a trophy.
Nicholson, a transexxual, won the British National scrabble championship two months ago.

She considered it a personal best to be runner-up to Panupol, considering that she only emerged fourth in the same category last year.

“I was lucky. I do not have a particular strategy to play as I do my best to earn the most marks and beat my opponent,” said Nicholson, who began playing Scrabble six years ago.

(New Straits Times)

This coverage compares quite favourably with the very badly-written reportage in British news media of Mikki’s recent winning of the British Scrabble championship, which we covered here, and which resulted in some rather odious comments from people-who-really-should-know-better, as I discussed here. Well done, Mikki, and well done the New Straits Times!

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5 Responses to Mikki does it again

  1. Jenny Alto says:

    Well done Mikki! Can’t find any mention of this result in the UK press.

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  3. anjiknut says:

    Well done Mikki. Why do they do that? Everyone else gets to be described by their age or profession

  4. Dru says:

    V quiet indeed; I guess that the UK press have had their moment of fun with Mikki and moved on, Jenny.
    Fair point, Anji, but at least it is an improvement on that vile Press Association coverage over here, last time.

  5. Thomas Guest says:

    A decent piece of reporting, although I would have liked some coverage of the winning words. Here’s what Bob Dylan has to say on the subject.

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